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Lahore College for Women University should be a place where the dedication to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge is paramount, the commitment to quality is unequivocal, the respect for human dignity is unequaled, and innovation is the norm. Imbued with the values of civility and community, the University becomes a community of learners where intellectual dialogue is especially fruitful, where communication across disciplinary boundaries is a notable strength, and where individuals of diverse backgrounds collaborate in imaginative ways with each other and with those outside of the University. The University should have a distinctive identity as an institution, a significant number of distinguished academic departments that attract female students from all over Pakistan, a significant number of faculty and staff who are leaders in their fields, and graduates who are among the best in the country. The University would be known for its quality, for its innovation and creativity, for its distinguished educational programs, for the properties of its intellectual community, and for its humanity.

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The primary educational mission of LCW University is to serve the female population of Pakistan and hence the nation through

  • The dissemination of knowledge
  • The development of new knowledge
  • The preservation of knowledge

-Interpretation of Mission

  • The dissemination of knowledge
occurs through strong undergraduate, professional, graduate, and continuing education programs as well as through extension activities, scholarly exchanges, publications, practical applications, research utilization, health service, and other public services.
  • The development of knowledge
is accomplished through scholarship at the most advanced level and through doctoral education. It occurs in the diverse forms of research, critical inquiry, and artistic endeavor appropriate to a major research university, which strives, for educational excellence and intellectual leadership.
  • The preservation of knowledge
is closely related to its dissemination and development; it is accomplished through the University's libraries and collections, through the impact of its instructional programs on each new generation, and through the professional activities of its faculty and staff. Knowledge, thus preserved, is a critical resource for educational activity and public service.


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