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Financial Assistance Award
This scholarship is awarded to the position holders of boards in Intermediate by the University.

Merit Scholarship
Specified scholarship by the Board or Government is awarded on merit.

Nasim Qazi Scholarship
Is awarded to the outstanding students

Noor-ul-Taleem Scholarship
Scholarship is awarded to science students at B.Sc and M.Sc level.

Shamshad Majeed Scholarship
Is awarded to a deserving student two years who studies Mathematics at B.Sc level.

Bano Scholarship
Awarded for two years to a deserving student who studies Geography at graduation level.

Bano Meraj Charitable Trust Scholarship
Awarded to Science Students

HEC Financial Assistance Scholarship
Awarded to Pharmacy and Social Sciences Students

Industry Scholarship
Pharmaceutical Industries like Pharmawise, Micko, Pak Heim  and Himont award two scholarship each to the position holder of Pharmacy Department

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