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There are two types of examination systems in Lahore College for Women University. The Semester System in four year B.A./B.S/BE and two year M.A./M.Sc/MS program in all disciplines except three departments followed by External Examination at the end of each academic year evaluated by external examiners, and the Annual System in three departments, i.e.,Department of Pharmacy, Department of Fine Arts, Department of Design and Visual Arts all three at LCWU Lahore Campus and Department of Crafts in LCWU Jhang Campus.

  • Semester System

Students shall be evaluated in each course on the basis of class tests, assignments, quizzes, lab reports, Mid-term and Final-term examinations. A student will be eligible to appear in the Final-term semester examination provided that she has attended not less than 80% of the lectures delivered in each course and 80% of the practical / laboratory demonstrations prescribed for the respective course.

Students are not allowed to be absent from class test. Leave for what so ever reason will be counted as shortage of lecture. No retest will be taken.

Students are required to submit their projects and assignments on time otherwise 25% marks will be deducted per day. A separate transcript showing the marks, grades and GPA will also be issued to student in each semester.

Moderation of assessment in various courses will be done at the end of each semester before the declaration of final result in a faculty meeting or otherwise constituted committee for this purpose. Grade Point Average GPA is earned on a scale of 0 to 4. The students earning 2.00 or above are declared successful. The GPA is determined on the following formula.

                  Total Grade Points values earned
GPA  =   ---------------------------------------------
                         Total No. of Credit Hours

  • Annual System

At the end of academic year, there will be send-up examination to be followed by annual examination in the departments of Pharmacy, Fine Arts, Design and Visual Arts in Lahore Campus and Craft and Industrial Design in Jhang Campus.

  • Rules and Regulations
  1. The students acquiring 2.00 GPA in a semester and passing in all papers will be declared pass and promoted to the next semester.
  2. The student acquiring less than 2.00 GPA in a semester but passing in all papers will be promoted with the condition to achieve more than 2.00 GPA in the next semester.
  3. The students acquiring GPA 1.5 and above but failing in any paper(s) will be placed on probation and promoted to the next semester conditionally. They will re-appear in a special re-sit exam after two weeks of declaration of result of the Final Semester Examination of the academic year in the failed paper(s) only.
  4. Students acquiring GPA less than 1.5 and failing in any paper(s) will be allowed to attend the classes of the next semester provisionally. They will re-appear in a special re-sit exam after two weeks of declaration of result of the Final Semester Examination of the academic year in all the subjects.
  5. Students failing in two consecutive semesters in one academic year will repeat that particular academic year.
  6. There will be maximum two academic probations in four-year Bachelors degree program. Both the probations will not be granted in first four semesters. There will be only one acadmeic probation in two-year Master degree program.
  7. In case of valid reason/excuse the period of study will be extended for one additional year(Two Semesters) in all university programs.The student(s) who will not complete studies within stated periods shall be struck off from the rolls of the university. They may however appear with upcoming semester(s) as external candidates if they apply for it. The students who have been given the right to extend the duration of study for one additional year must pay new registration fee as external student alongwith normal fee for that academic year.



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