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Chancellor's Message

Lahore College for Women University is about opportunity – opportunity for our nation’s young women, the opportunity to learn, to change, to achieve personal and professional goals and aspirations through higher education. Whether you are a student of humanities, or you are a student of sciences, I believe you will find a place and path to pursue your dreams at Lahore College for Women University.

The highly skilled educators, internationally accredited programs and our commitment to quality teaching and learning standards play an important role in ensuring that LCWU graduates have the skills they need to make an important contribution to the future of the Pakistan. The LCWU’s programs are developed in consultation with industry leaders and as such are quick to incorporate the latest advances in industry standards, technologies and techniques.

As part of Lahore College for Women University having a remarkable historical value and a bright present and vivid future, LCWU faculty and staff share a sense of contributing to something important and valuable. The fact is, at universities we do not sell or manufacture products. We create and teach knowledge, and serve people.

There is nothing more important than the provision of high quality education, the pursuit of knowledge and the creation of new ideas. These three principles have the ability to shape a nation's future, to diversify economies and to provide a nation with the educated workforce it needs to look forward to the future and take on the challenges of today’s global business environment - it is these three principles that are the heart of the Lahore College for Women University’s success.




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