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Academic Council


  • Prof. Dr. Mrs. Bushra Mateen, Vice Chancellor ,LCWU Lahore.


  • Secretary Education, Govt. of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • Executive District Officer (Education), Lahore.
  • Dr. Riaz-ud-Din, Director, Institute of Molecular Biology,  University of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • Dr. Aftab Ahmad, Chairperson, Computer Science Department, Govt. College University, Lahore.
  • Dr. Azra Imtiaz, Principal,  Punjab Group of Colleges, Lahore,
  • Dr. Syed Muhammad Awais, King Edward Medical University, Lahore.
  • Ms. Nasim Zahra, 13-Agha Khan Road,  Sector F-6/3, Islamabad.
  • Dr. Mrs. Shehla Javed Akram, Justice Akram House,  49 Mozang Road, Lahore.
  • Mr. Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, Al-Fateh Store, 55-E, Liberty Market, Gulberg-III, Lahore.
  • Dr. Nazima Masood, Professor of Physics, Solid Stat Physics Department, University of the Punjab, Lahore.
  • Dr. Ijaz Anwar, National College of Arts,  Lahore
  • Mr. Perveiz Hanif,  Member,  Chamber of Commerce & Industries, Lahore 258/259 Rewaz Garden, Lahore.
  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Rehman Ch., Ex-Additional DPI (Colleges), Punjab.
  • Dr. Mrs. Nasim Shaukat, (Rtd) Director of I.E.R, P.U., Lahore.
  • Mr. Nadir Khan, Chief Executive,  Pharmawise Laboratories
  • Prof. Dr. Mrs. Kausar Jamal Cheema, Dean, Faculty of Natural Sciences,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Prof. Dr. Mrs. Farhat Saleemi Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Riffat Saqlain, Dean, Faculty of Social ScienceLCWU, Lahore.
  • Dr. Mrs. Humala Khalid Dean of Humanities, Islamic and Oriental Learning, LCWU, Lahore.
  • Prof. Dr. Azmat Rasheed, Head of Pharmacy Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Prof. Dr. Hafeez Ikram, Department of PharmacyLCWU, Lahore
  • Prof. Khalid Mehmood, Department of Fine ArtsLCWU, Lahore
  • Prof. Dr. Mussarat Hassan,  Department of Fine Arts,LCWU, Lahore
  • Prof. Dr. Surraya Shafi Mir, Department of English,LCWU, Lahore
  • Professor Mrs. Yasmin Ali, Head of Physics Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Naseem Akhtar Said,  Department of Fine Arts,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Rashda Zafar,  Head of Botany Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Dr. Mrs. Ismat Naeem, Professor of Chemistry,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Azra Naimat, Head of Chemistry Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Zareen Mazhar,  Head of English Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Saeed Khalid, Head of Fine Arts Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Farhana Shamim, Head of Psychology Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Miss Naseem-e-Sahar, Head of the Islamic Studies Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Nayyer Masood, Head of Political Science / Pakistan Studies / International Relations Departments.LCWU, Lahore.
  • Dr. Miss Surraiya Ahmed, Head of Punjabi Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Dr. Ayesha Roohi, Head of Statistics Department,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Dr. Tahira Nasreen Butter, Head of Mathematics Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Rafia Shah, Head of Persian Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Nafees Iqbal, Head of Urdu DepartmentLCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Anjum Mirza, Head of Home Economics Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Bushra Sharif, Head of Geography Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Shamshad Nawaz, Head of History Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Ms. Sarah Shahed, Head of Gender Studies Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Dr. Bushra Khan, Associate Professor Chemistry,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Ms. Nadhra Naeem,  Head of Design & Visual Arts Department,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Zahida Khalid, Associate Professor Botany,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Iram Shahid, Head of Department of Social Work,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Anjum Zia, Chairperson Department of Mass Communication,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Ms. Fauzia Majeed, Lecturer in Business Studies,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Mariam Arif, Lecturer English,LCWU, Lahore
  • Mrs. Halima Iqbal, Director Administrations ,LCWU, Jhang Campus.
  • Miss Ghazala Jan, Controller of Examinations,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Mrs. Hina Aziz, Librarian,LCWU, Lahore.
  • Miss Shaista Vine, Registrar,LCWU,  Lahore.
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